Politics on Parade

In a disastrous election for supporters of sexual rights, not only were almost all of the worst anti-sex anti-women extremists re-elected, but a new bunch of shockingly even more extreme representatives were added in an almost unfathomable election. It will lead to political chaos over the next two years as these far right extremists battle for dominance and insist on getting their way.  The Republican party rules over almost every state with governors and representatives, they won both chambers of Congress, and they own the Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, this is not your father’s Republican party, with one of the most extreme freshman classes ever.  Jeff Booth provides a look at the newly elected, including Sarah Blair, Gary Glenn,  Jodi Hice, Joni Ernst, Corey Gardner, Thom Tillis, Glenn Grothman,  Ken Buck, Tom Emmer,  Barbara Comstock, Alex Mooney,  and the most rabidly anti-gay politician in America, Gordon Klingenschmitt. You won’t believe how incredibly extreme they are on issues of gay rights, women’s rights, and sexual freedom (and just about everything else).

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