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Faith Friday: The Problem with Easter

Jeff shares some thoughts about his struggles to understand the real meaning of the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.

The Big Picture – They just Aren’t That Into You

Conservatives don’t seem to like women very much, especially if they are sexually empowered. Jeff looks at the fraudulently named National Center on Sexual Exploitation and their just announced “victory for women” with Walmart, attacks on Emma Gonzalez,  inequality in the workplace,  hating on the Girl Scouts, insane anti-abortion laws including death for women and doctors, Senator Susan Collins betrayal of women, and playing chicken with Planned Parenthood and women’s lives.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff remembers his time with Stephen Hawking, mourns the loss of scientist/congresswoman Louise Slaughter, talks about the latest in caveman sex, and reveals more disturbing anti-sex anti-science actions by the Trump administration,  including maybe illegal idiocy on teen pregnancy, and the new anti-gay pro-abstinence head of the CDC.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Sex with Children

Jeff looks at the latest stories in the news on child sexual abuse and child marriage, and its apparent toleration by certain religious groups.

The Big Picture – Can a Sex Worker Bring Down the President?

Jeff Booth looks into the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal issues, and he thinks they are troubling, but he thinks a mysterious Belarusian prostitute may represent an even greater threat to the Trump presidency.

The crowdfunding site for Stormy Daniels:

Crowd Justice

Jeff Booth Show on Hiatus

Having recently completed his latest book, Passion!, Jeff is taking two weeks off from this show to focus on prepping for his next book, Long Lingering Look.  The show will return on March 21st.


Sex Science Sunday

The very bad Trump 2018 budget targets the science of teen pregnancy.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Churches

Jeff discusses some issues with churches in America as part of his own process in founding a church.

The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 3

Since Jeff Booth has a background in mainstream show business, he has talked about the subject in The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business and The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 2. In this next discussion, he looks at who the worst offenders in entertainment are, and what we need to do.