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Sex Science Sunday

The links to the studies we discuss can be found at our CenterSEE Sex Science Center.

This week:

Planned Parenthood tests a better way to use the birth control option Depo-Provera. Trapped is a new game that simulates how difficult it can be to get an abortion in the United States. A new study confirms what  many other similar studies have shown – abstinence only education is a dangerous failure.

Play Trapped


Faith Friday – The Problem with Billy Graham

The dark legacy of Billy Graham that is being ignored after his recent death.

The Big Picture- Adult Entertainment More Dangerous than Assault Rifles

In another sign of just how far our country has devolved under Republican rule, legislatures across the country have declared that the real menace is adult entertainment, not the ability of a random 18 year old to easily buy a weapon of mass slaughter. There was a major and shocking vote on this that took place just yesterday.

Sex Science Sunday

The links to the studies we discuss can be found at our CenterSEE Sex Science Center.

This week:

Further proof that this is an anti-science administration with Trump’s disinterest in listening to science advice and Trump demands for  grotesque cuts to HIV prevention funding.  Transgender woman does something amazing with her newborn child. New possible treatment for Herpes Simplex. A faster way to get to a cure for Hepatitis B and other diseases. Pain during sex.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Televangelists and Megachurch Leaders

Jeff discusses how religious leaders make themselves rich and promote non-Biblical concepts, dangerous ideas,  and hatred- especially around gay rights and women’s rights.

The Big Picture – Love, Sex and Misogyny in the White House

The latest scandals in the White House revolving around paid hush money to porn stars and the condoning of spousal abuse.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff talks about the dangers, dishonesty, and pseudoscience of crises pregnancy centers that are religious organizations disguising themselves as women’s health centers and paid for out of government funds despite a supposed separation of church and state. He also discusses the pseudoscience of abortion reversal that the Trump administration tried to force on immigrants.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Evangelicals 2

Jeff Booth talks about the belief system of evangelicals that causes them to become disconnected from reality.

The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 2

Jeff goes through the list of actors accused recently of sexual harassment and tries to put it all in perspective.

Sex Science Sunday – The Republican War Against Science

How the science denial of the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans impacts our sexual freedoms, and how it harms individuals as well as our country.