These are our guiding principles:

A fulfilling sex life leads to a richer life and better relationships. The fundamental goal of the show is to promote positive sexuality to help listeners have a better sex life.

Exposure to adult products and entertainment can help demystify sex, as well as provide arousal and new sexual experiences.

All information on sexuality shall be presented with the best scientific information available.

The show respects the diversity of sexual expression between consenting adults.

The show supports the right of consenting adults to view, read, see, and participate in the sexual activities of their choosing without government interference.

The above right is meaningless when the government puts burdensome restrictions on the sales of adult materials and the places where sex related activities can take place.

The show supports a woman’s right to choose.

Sex and sexual issues shall be presented within a positive framework whenever possible.

The show is censorship free, but does not encourage the use of obscene or scatological terminology simply for shock value. The goal is to provide uncensored intelligent conversation about sexuality.  However, terms used in normal conversation are fine, and we don’t want anyone to feel like they have to watch their language or not talk as they normally do in an unrestrained environment.

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