Monthly Archives: November 2019

Faith Friday – New National Church

It has not really been given a name yet, but we can dub it the First Church of Trump. How is it that Evangelicals are remaking themselves in Trump’s image and treating him as if he is holy? The sexual assaulting, three times married philanderer with a nude modeling wife seems to be everything they hate. Jeff explains it.

The Big Picture – Judges Part Two

Jeff talks about Trump’s unqualified extremist anti-gay, anti-abortion and racist judges, focusing on two of the worst and most recent.

Sex Science Sunday

A new study on the relationship between incest and individualism. Reconsidering how we study bisexuality and homosexuality in animals. Using DNA to track historical non-monogamy. New study on recovery from childhood sexual abuse offers hope.

Faith Friday

Chick Fil A changes policy and angers Christian conservatives. Is this Christian leader a liar or just crazy? One Million Moms misfires again. A preacher hating on gays and Rachel Maddow.

The Big Picture – Judges Part One

Jeff talks about the corruption in the Trump Administration and how it may have been codified for decades due to Trump’s unqualified extremist anti-gay, anti-abortion and racist judges.

Sex Science Sunday

A new study on monogamous and non-monogamous couples.

Faith Friday

Even when it seems the problems with the Catholic Church and pedophilia couldn’t get worse, they keep getting worse with two new blockbuster investigative reports. Another accused priest is assigned to investigate child sexual abuse. Seminarians discouraged from coming forward with sexual harassment complaints.

USA Today Story on Accused Priests

AP Story on Accused Priests

The Big Picture

Republican rapiness and the irony of Jim Jordan. Republicans still refuse to move on the Violence Against Women Act. Supreme Court abortion case based on a lie. Strange doings in rape case.

Sex Science Sunday

New explanation of what causes homosexuality from the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Study of relationship between long acting contraception and abortion. The 11 sexual personality types. Lawsuits against Gilead and their “illegal” misappropriation of Prep drug Truvada.

Faith Friday

Anti-gay scamvangelist Paula White now works for the White House. How evangelicals tie sex to Halloween. Pastor penis slashed. Million Moms underperforming.