Monthly Archives: July 2015

Jeff Booth Show Hiatus

The show goes on hiatus for about a month while Jeff Booth works on finishing his latest big project- one that he has been working on for 10 years.  It includes a 190,000 word book titled Artists and their Nudes, which features biographies on 500 artists who painted nudes covering 500 years. It also includes a lot of information on the models who posed nude for them. This is a companion product to the Sex and Censorship online class, which provides access to 13,000 high definition works of art created by the artists in the book. These images have been digitally enhanced, with color and contrast correction, image brightening, crack, line, dust and stain removal,  sharpening, and more. The release of this project will be announced some time in September. Go to the site for more information.

What in the Name of God

Planned Parenthood is under assault from a massive conspiracy organized by religious extremists, based on lies and illegal activities, and apparently coordinated with anti-choice Republican politicians in Congress and State government.

Sex Crazy

Tom Delay goes around the bend. Continuing crazy from Judge Roy Moore. House Representative Steve King wants a resolution telling states to ignore Supreme Court. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and her crazy but extremely well-funded anti-sex agenda.

Jeff Booth is Outta Here

Jeff Booth goes on vacation. He will be back July 20th.

Politics on Parade

County clerks battling gay marriage one humiliating refusal at a time. Louisiana Governor  Mary Fallin fights for the Ten Commandments without apparently reading all of them. One of the most astonishing turnarounds about gay marriage from the guy fighting at the Supreme Court against them. The House Republicans all out assault on sex education.

What in the Name of God

Another major denomination is supporting gay marriage. NOM’s secret plan to ban gay marriage. The gay marriage Hitler comparisons of the week. The growing problem with court clerks.

Sex Crazy

More responses to the Supreme Court decision: Bob Vander Plaats gets a lot of crazy in one short interview.  Rep. Walter Jones confuses words on same sex marriage, but insists that we naturally all agree with him.  Todd Starnes wants nature to literally attack what he considers an unnatural impulse.  Pastors call for stonings and executions.. Allan Keyes chimes in with some crazy. And what would a Sex Crazy segment be without the Harlem Pastor James David Manning, whose response to the Supreme Court decision involves a horrific amount of bloodshed.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff Booth explains the importance of the new drug flibanserin and whether it really works or not to improve women’s sex drive.

Entertainment Spotlight

An amazingly unintentionally hilarious CNN news report covering the London Gay Pride Parade. Why you should not take sex advice from Mariel Hemingway.  Broadway Bares has come and gone.

Politics on Parade

The States that plan to defy the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.  Oregon women get what all women should get- easier access to birth control. The Supreme Court action on abortion you may have missed. Another court blocks an abortion ban. The Senate is working on a plan to dramatically cut family planning and virtually eliminate teen pregnancy prevention programs.