Monthly Archives: June 2016

Sex Crazy

Responses to the Supreme Court ruling today.

What in the Name of God

The religious responses to the massacre in Florida.

Sex Science Saturday

The astonishing but not surprising dangerous activities of the House Select Committee on Infant Lives that risk both life saving research and the lives of researchers. Another major breakthrough on HIV. The shocking reason researchers don’t bother to study women in clinical trials.

Entertainment Spotlight

Bill Cosby rape case development. A first for the Miss America contest. Broadway Bares hits the jackpot.

Politics on Parade

The House Republican response to the Zika virus is astonishing and really bad for women.  Anderson Cooper makes anti-gay Attorney General Pam Bondi look foolish. California legislators want to change the definition of rape. Strippers win big.

Sex Crazy

The Orland gay nightclub shooting and some of the crazy responses to it.


Jeff Booth returns from his hiatus to discover the main computer in the recording studio was dead. It will take about a week to get new equipment and get it configured, so the show will return on June 20th.