Show History

The Jeff Booth Show had been almost a year in the planning stages, and was set to launch in early 2007 . The original concept for the Internet radio show was for it to be in front of a live audience and broadcast from the Center for Sexual Expression and Education home in downtown Los Angeles. A studio space was being prepared which could hold up to 100 guests for the show which would stream live once a week.

Erotic University used space at Entertainium Studios, a 30,000 square foot facility which included an erotic art gallery, and hosted many sex positive events. The LAPD vice squad raided one of the events held there. The police made it clear that any sexually oriented future events would face similar scrutiny. The owner of Entertainium decided that the cost of fighting the city would be excessive, and sold his interests. CSEE had to leave their home of the last three years, and the show had to be retooled.

The Show StudiThe under construction studio that would have been our home

Without a physical studio, this untethered the show to go wherever anything interesting was happening, from porn shoots to sex conventions. Hosted by former professional comedian, sex writer, and CSEE co-founder Jeff Booth, it featured weekly looks at sex science, sex and politics, sex and religion, and the adult entertainment industry. With a mix of guests from sex educators to porn stars, it offered an intelligent look at all things sexual, with Jeff’s unique humorous slant, including the creation of a number of character voices for the show.

Jeff Booth began performing on stage at age 15 and made a living from it for the next 15 years. He did some television, and radio appearances, but most of it was live on stage. He most enjoyed being in front of a live audience, and while doing a pre-recorded show, he continued planning and transitioning to a live in front of a studio audience format. That was not to be, though.

He was hit with an incurable, and at the time, essentially untreatable and debilitating neurological condition. He was still able to do the show, by pre-recording it as his strength and mental focus allowed. He continued to do the show on a weekly basis, even during some of the worst of his symptoms. His years as a performer gave him the resources to keep going.

Finally, years later, the FDA approved a drug that dramatically improved Jeff’s circumstances. He was more clear-headed and in much less pain.  Work began on rebuilding the Center for Sexual Expression and Education and all the things he had been working on when he was struck down. Through all that time though he kept working on the show.

Years after he began the show, Jeff Booth has finally been able to make his vision for CenterSEE a reality. The Erotic University virtual campus is open, Sex in Review provides information on adult products and services, and the Sexual Heritage Preservation Project has digitally restored and preserved tens of thousands of images, books, and artifacts.

The show has changed a lot over the years. The current version now focuses on news. Interviews and comedic bits have been phased out to give Jeff more time to work on the many other projects that CenterSEE is currently working on.

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