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Sex Science Sunday

The President still does not have a science advisor, and science tries to explain sexual harassers.

Sexual Harassment Proclivities in Men by John B. Pryor

Sex, Power, and the Systems That Enable Men Like Harvey Weinstein



Faith Friday: The Problem with Crazy

Jeff looks at some of the faith inspired crazy of late, especially around sex issues.

The Big Picture: Sexism and Murder

Jeff talks about the recent mass murder in Toronto, and its link to organized misogyny, and why it represents a real and serious threat that is not being taken seriously enough.

Sex Science Sunday- Doctors and Lying

A new study came out about the safety of abortion and the harm caused by laws that restrict women’s access to abortion. Jeff discusses this along with the long list of States where doctors are required by law to misinform their patients.

The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States

Faith Friday- The Problem with Sex and Religious Leaders

Jeff Booth talks about the recent rash of arrests of religious leaders accused of sexual misconduct, and the challenges in a creating a church that is both sexually open but intolerant of sexual abuse.

The Big Picture: Trump and Women

Trump does not like women very much, as Jeff points out, and reminds men who have women they care about just how toxic this President is to women.

Sex Science Sunday

Mourning the loss of a friend, snorting condoms, a new type of lingerie panties intended for safer oral sex called Lorals.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Christian Dominionism in the White House

Jeff looks at the White House Bible Study Group, a group of radical extremists who wouldn’t know what Christianity was if Jesus himself showed up and tried to explain it to them. He explains the ties to Christian Dominionism and how it uses religion to justify extremist hate of gays, women, and others.

The Big Picture – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is being retried over the allegations that he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand. The first trial resulted in a hung jury, and Jeff explains why things will be quite different this time, and makes a rather radical proposal about how sex trafficking laws could be used against serial sex assaulters.

Sex Science Sunday

The links to the studies and articles we discuss can be found at our CenterSEE Sex Science Center.

This week:

Robotic Sperm, the first look inside the Herpes virus, Judge found ignorant of basic reproductive mechanics, how Millennials view marriage and how they view Viagra.