Monthly Archives: August 2018

Faith Friday – The Pope and the Pennsylvania Scandal

Jeff talks about the huge child molestation scandal facing the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

The Big Picture

Jeff Booth explains the explosive legal decision surrounding section 2257, an infamous law from 30 years ago that although rarely enforced, has hung over the head of adult entertainment producers and performers like the sword of Damacles.

Jeff is off to Vegas

Jeff Booth will be off to Las Vegas until the show returns on August 29th. He and his wife are checking out the topless pools f0r a future article in Sex in Review (

The Big Picture – Discrimination

Why people discriminate and the effort to turn back the clock on gay rights.

Sex Science Sunday

Two promising new targets for HIV treatment,  a new target for breast cancer treatment, DMAU latest candidate for male birth control.

Faith Friday

Jeff talks about Attorney General Jeff Sessions new Religious Liberty Task Force that will look to empower the government to allow more discrimination against women and LGBTQ people under the guise of religious freedom

The Big Picture: Who Are We?

Jeff muses on the type of political system that best describes the current U.S., and the powerful force of a crazy sexually based conspiracy theory now at the center of a lot of Republican politics.