Monthly Archives: October 2015

Halloween Special

The reappearance of and their special Halloween coverage. Jeff talks about their Halloween sex party.

Entertainment Spotlight: Halloween

Jeff talks with some monsters and gets helpful dating advice.

Politics on Parade

A couple of pieces of bad news for Kim Davis.  The family behind Hobby Lobby caught in a criminal conspiracy.  Florida legislators introduces a new law to discriminate against both gays and women.  Arkansas representative profiled on 20/20 for rehoming his children to a child molester.  Anti-choice extremists suggest that elementary schools and jails can replace Planned Parenthood.  Three Republican candidates associate themselves with one of the most hate-filled and extreme anti-gay crusaders in the U.S.

Sex Crazy

America’s most dangerous T-Shirt. Anti-Planned Parenthood advocate Carol Everett can’t tell the difference between rape and consent. The World Congress of Families becomes even more extreme.

What in the Name of God

Part 3 of our series “Anti-Sex Theocrats who want to be President.” In this segment, Jeff Booth talks about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Sex Science Saturday

California now has the best sex education in the country. An important new report on conversion therapy. An interesting new study on gene expression and homosexuality.

Entertainment Spotlight

Who is Getting Naked Now

Grace Jones

Bella Hadid

Rose McGowan

Chelsea Handler

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Demi Lovato

Politics on Parade

The big story today you might have missed because of the Benghazi hearings- Massive raids on Planned Parenthood across Texas. Texas has gone to war with the family planning clinics, using illegal tactics and intimidation and the full force of the government.

Sex Crazy

Crazy filing to the court from Matt Staver in the Kim Davis case. Rand Paul still supports discrimination against gay people for a very baffling reason.  Hate pastor James David Manning once again. The king of home schooling shows his crazy.

What in the Name of God?

The religious extremists behind the attacks on Planned Parenthood are now revealing their real agenda. Controversial Archbishop John Myers is again in the news. The Liberty Council turns on the Vatican it so recently praised.