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Sex Science Sunday

More fallout in the sciences due to Jeffrey Epstein, looking at brains watching porn, sex and sleep, Republican senators practice Russian approach to science when it comes to abortion and anything else they don’t like.

Faith Friday – Jerry Falwell Jr.

Jeff talks about the explosive sexual revelations revolving around Jerry Falwell Jr.

Big Picture – Rape Part 2

Jeff looks at the problems with Rape Kits, lenient judges, and politicians who do not take rape seriously. He also talks about the new book on Harvey Weinstein, She Said, and the new Netflix series Unbelievable.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff looks at the impact of Jeffrey Epstein on science and the damage he has done to major scientist’s reputations.

Faith Friday – Religion and Rape

Jeff looks at the issue of rape within faith communities.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 1

There is rape culture in America, and we are surprisingly easy on rapists. This week Jeff looks at the rape culture at the top of our government, and talks about the problems in our Universities, specifically the unbelievable rape culture at Michigan State.

Faith Friday

Have a little faith – Jeff will be back in September. He is taking his annual month off in August.

The Big Picture

The news just keeps breaking on the Jeffrey Epstein case, which keeps getting stranger and more disturbing, and his lawyer Alan Dershowitz is starting to look really really bad and really really guilty.

Sex Science Sunday

Breast implant recall and what it means, future alternatives to PrEP, and important new CDC PrEP guidelines.

Faith Friday

Jeff continues with his look at the new Mike Pompeo Commission on Unalienable Rights. He took a deep dive into the backgrounds of the commission members, and they were even worse and more anti-gay and anti- women’s reproductive rights and more religiously extreme than he originally thought.