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An Interview with Santa Claus

While the show is on hiatus, here is our annual visit with Santa to discuss Christmas traditions.

Jeff Booth Show on Hiatus

The shock and horror of the election was so great that Jeff has decided to take a little time off from it all. The show will return in January.

Jeff Booth is on a Horror Holiday

Jeff is taking a few days off to focus on the EU massive Halloween party and on recovering from the massive Halloween party. The show will return right after the election.

Entertainment Spotlight

While Jeff focuses on getting ready for the EU Halloween event (our biggest of the year), we bring you a special entertainment segment from 2014 where Jeff gets dating advice from monsters.

Sex Crazy

Ben Carson and end of the U.S over gay marriage.  Sandy Rios and the gay abortion reeducation camps.  Andrew Bieszad’s seems to claim that God is a lousy shot with aiming a hurricane at a gay pride parade.  Jan Brewer’s new definition of waterboarding.  Toxic anti-gay comic creator dies. Gohmert statement gets almost everything wrong about history and the Bible. The sex craziest of all of Donald Trump’s advisors.

What in the Name of God

Recent examples of the life-threatening atrocities against women in Catholic hospitals, and why the victimized women almost never prevail in court.

Sex Science Saturday

The medical misinformation on abortion from the last presidential debate that was repeated by countless pundits.


Entertainment Spotlight

A look at the recent show business related scandals that have been engulfing Donald Trump, including one with a well-known porn star.

Politics on Parade

The debate and the dinner. Kansas cites horrific Supreme Court decision to defend their anti-abortion law. Ridiculous anti-gay discriminatory actions by Louisianan State Attorney General. Another shocking rape judicial decision.

Sex Crazy

Michael Steele does not understand what consent is.  Donald Trump Junior says women who can’t handle sexual harassment should be kindergarten teachers. Kenneth Copeland says non-Trump voters are murderers. Dave Daubenmire has a unique view on why you should not vote for Hillary- its because she is a woman. Rep. Louie Gohmert says crazy stuff about hate crime laws. Fox News contributor Richard Grenell accuses journalist of sleeping her way into her job.