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Sex Science Sunday

Jeff discusses sex and the holidays, and what science tells us about the intersection of the two. Surprising news about sex with an ex. New findings on casual sex. Marijuana and libido.

Faith Friday: The Pope Report Card

Jeff looks at how Pope Francis scores on modernizing the Catholic church in the area of sexuality and dealing with sexual abuse.  He does not score well.

Big Picture

Very happy to be back after a long illness, Jeff talks more about the consequences of the last election, and the huge wins for women and the LGBTQ community.

Big Picture – Special pre-Election Edition

Jeff talks about the most important election of our lifetimes.

Sex Science Sunday

Changes in use of HPV vaccine, 1,600 scientist revolt against the Trump administration’s attack on transgendered people, new study on Birth Control Sabotage, breast cancer in 16th century art, another claimed link between autism and drugs knocked down, potential hope for endometriosis sufferers, safe but cheaper sex toys may be on the horizon.

Faith Friday

Jeff looks at some of the scary religious extremism in our country right before the election.

Halloween Special

Jeff Booth and the Count discuss love and relationships with a number of monsters.

Sex Science Sunday

Two studies that confirm what we already know about two drugs to prevent sexually spread diseases. A simple treatment for increasing survival rates and quality of life after breast cancer surgery. A major breakthrough in erectile dysfunction research.

Faith Friday

Will evangelical women save the nation?

The Big Picture

Jeff talks about the most important election of your lifetime, and one of the most important elections in our nation’s history. It will determine what type of country we are.