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The Big Picture – Discrimination

Why people discriminate and the effort to turn back the clock on gay rights.

Sex Science Sunday

Two promising new targets for HIV treatment,  a new target for breast cancer treatment, DMAU latest candidate for male birth control.

Faith Friday

Jeff talks about Attorney General Jeff Sessions new Religious Liberty Task Force that will look to empower the government to allow more discrimination against women and LGBTQ people under the guise of religious freedom

The Big Picture: Who Are We?

Jeff muses on the type of political system that best describes the current U.S., and the powerful force of a crazy sexually based conspiracy theory now at the center of a lot of Republican politics.

Jeff Get’s Off For July

Yes, Jeff gets a whole month off for his summer vacation. He will be back in August!

Sex Science Sunday

A study on variability in nipple size refutes long held belief. Why isn’t Jim Bakker in jail? Sperm counts falling worldwide- should we be worried?

Faith Friday: The Problem with an American Theocracy

We are on a fast moving train where those with a theocratic bent have come to power, have used corruption to maintain that power, and may soon control all branches of government with a takeover of the Supreme Court. Many rights, especially sexual and privacy rights, may be gone by next year, and there may be nothing we can do about it.

Big Picture

A truly awful week at the Supreme Court for women, with legal analysts predicting that abortion will soon be illegal across almost half of the United States.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff looks at unusual sex practices of spiders and anglerfish, our own early attraction to getting a little strange with neanderthals, and we now know who to blame for herpes- from over a million years ago.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Monsters

What is being done to children in our name by the president is monstrous, but how we respond to it matters, so that we do not wind up copying some of the same bad and dangerous behavior.