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Faith Friday: The Problem with Extremism

Jeff looks at extremism in Christianity, and why we should be calling out the extremists in the same way we demand that the Islamic faith calls out their extremists.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Religious Freedom

Our forefathers had some very enlightened ideas about Religious Freedom, but religious conservatives are turning those ideas upside down, promoting discrimination and even allowing people to die because of disagreements on religious doctrine.

Faith Friday- The Problem with the Pope and Sexual Rights

Pope Francis can be maddening on these issues, as he provides so many contradictory messages. Jeff explains where things currently stand.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Church and State

The Trump administration is using the power of the State to force the religious views of evangelicals onto everyone else. Jeff talks about how this mixing of Church and State diminishes our Democracy, and how it is being used for an all out assault against gay and women’s rights.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Crazy

Jeff looks at some of the faith inspired crazy of late, especially around sex issues.

Faith Friday- The Problem with Sex and Religious Leaders

Jeff Booth talks about the recent rash of arrests of religious leaders accused of sexual misconduct, and the challenges in a creating a church that is both sexually open but intolerant of sexual abuse.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Christian Dominionism in the White House

Jeff looks at the White House Bible Study Group, a group of radical extremists who wouldn’t know what Christianity was if Jesus himself showed up and tried to explain it to them. He explains the ties to Christian Dominionism and how it uses religion to justify extremist hate of gays, women, and others.

Faith Friday: The Problem with King David Analogies

Evangelicals compare Donald Trump and his infidelities with the Biblical account of King David. Jeff Booth explains why that is really really wrong.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Easter

Jeff shares some thoughts about his struggles to understand the real meaning of the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Sex with Children

Jeff looks at the latest stories in the news on child sexual abuse and child marriage, and its apparent toleration by certain religious groups.