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Faith Friday – The Problem with Churches

Jeff discusses some issues with churches in America as part of his own process in founding a church.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Billy Graham

The dark legacy of Billy Graham that is being ignored after his recent death.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Televangelists and Megachurch Leaders

Jeff discusses how religious leaders make themselves rich and promote non-Biblical concepts, dangerous ideas,  and hatred- especially around gay rights and women’s rights.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Evangelicals 2

Jeff Booth talks about the belief system of evangelicals that causes them to become disconnected from reality.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Evangelicals

A look at the way Evangelicals are ignoring the basic tenants of their faith in service of their politics and their bigotry, and why they deal so poorly with accusations of sexual harassment and underage sexual assault.

Faith Friday: The Problem with the Pope

How the Pope’s blind eye on child rape harms every one, with the latest in the controversies he has created on this topic.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Morality

Jeff Booth discusses what he calls “conscience morality” and why morality is such a complicated issue, especially when it deals with issues of sexuality.

Faith Friday

This is our first Faith Friday segment, which explores issues of religious faith and sexuality.