Monthly Archives: August 2014

Politics on Parade

Georgia deals with hate crimes against LGBT people in a rather remarkable way- they throw the victim into prison, secret undercover tapes show danger of anti-choice groups, Federal judge strikes down ban  on same sex marriage in Florida, first gay marriage court loss not as big a deal as it seems- but still stupid, the amazing political career of anti-choice fanatic and philandering doctor who has sex with patients and coerces them into abortions and why he may get reelected, and why a gay woman was denied a driver’s license because she is gay.

View From the Booth

Jeff talks about PIT, the potentially scary treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Sex Crazy

The hateful craziness that is the American Family Association with the latest criticizing the ALS ice bucket challenge and another attack on gays from Bryan Fischer, plus the dangers of gay recruiting drives. The Louisiana Tea Party’s claim that Common Core turns kids gay comes from a rather surprising source.  Minnesota House candidate Jim Hagedorn anti-women and anti-gay rants surface.

Entertainment Spotlight

Major lawsuits over beards and vaginas, the brutalization of porn star Christy Mack, the non-scandal of Jerry Jones, and Christian rock star and lesbian stands up to international hate monger.

Politics on Parade

Candidate forgets what birth control is, former Virginia Governor blames his corruption charges on his wife for having an emotional affair and being crazy, Judge rules that medical board does not need to consider actual medicine in making decisions regarding women’s health care, Ohio shuts down another abortion clinic- more on the way, Ireland shows the future of abortion bans, and some important news on State legislation to require condoms on all porn shoots in California.

Sex Crazy

Stephen Bennett proposes that hating gays is a no-brainer, the link being made between Robin Williams and abortion, Baptist on dog sex, Matt Barber marches on with Christian persecution by gays, Archie comics leading to the downfall of our youth, how Ebola can solve the “gay problem,” and finally, a real understandable reason for someone being against gay marriage.


The show will be on hiatus for two weeks while Jeff takes a much needed break.