Monthly Archives: June 2018

Sex Science Sunday

Mandatory Texas minor’s abortion pamphlet for teens lies about science. New study finds that pregnancy complications put child at risk of severe mental health problem. Preterm births increasing in U.S.  Maternal Morbidity is also increasing. Texas pamphlet forced on immigrants.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Extremism

Jeff looks at extremism in Christianity, and why we should be calling out the extremists in the same way we demand that the Islamic faith calls out their extremists.

The Big Picture: Samantha and Roseanne

Jeff looks at the controversies surrounding Roseanne and Samantha Bee and their use of language- and why the two controversies are not the same.

Sex Science Sunday

Modern Fertility startup, teens and STIs, teens and sexting, and senior citizen sex.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Religious Freedom

Our forefathers had some very enlightened ideas about Religious Freedom, but religious conservatives are turning those ideas upside down, promoting discrimination and even allowing people to die because of disagreements on religious doctrine.