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Faith Friday: The Problem with an American Theocracy

We are on a fast moving train where those with a theocratic bent have come to power, have used corruption to maintain that power, and may soon control all branches of government with a takeover of the Supreme Court. Many rights, especially sexual and privacy rights, may be gone by next year, and there may be nothing we can do about it.

Big Picture

A truly awful week at the Supreme Court for women, with legal analysts predicting that abortion will soon be illegal across almost half of the United States.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff looks at unusual sex practices of spiders and anglerfish, our own early attraction to getting a little strange with neanderthals, and we now know who to blame for herpes- from over a million years ago.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Monsters

What is being done to children in our name by the president is monstrous, but how we respond to it matters, so that we do not wind up copying some of the same bad and dangerous behavior.

The Big Picture- Reaching the Tipping Point

The United States as a democracy is in serious jeopardy.  Immigrants are being caged, and put in facilities notorious for rape and abuse. All of this is in violation of International law, which our current government treats with disdain. President Trump is tearing our country apart, but his latest actions with immigrants take us into Nazi territory.

Away for the Week

Jeff Booth is in San Diego doing research for his latest novel.  The show will return in one week on June 20th.

Sex Science Sunday

Mandatory Texas minor’s abortion pamphlet for teens lies about science. New study finds that pregnancy complications put child at risk of severe mental health problem. Preterm births increasing in U.S.  Maternal Morbidity is also increasing. Texas pamphlet forced on immigrants.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Extremism

Jeff looks at extremism in Christianity, and why we should be calling out the extremists in the same way we demand that the Islamic faith calls out their extremists.

The Big Picture: Samantha and Roseanne

Jeff looks at the controversies surrounding Roseanne and Samantha Bee and their use of language- and why the two controversies are not the same.

Sex Science Sunday

Modern Fertility startup, teens and STIs, teens and sexting, and senior citizen sex.