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Politics on Parade

Jimmy Carter’s profoundly disappointing backtrack,  two states have personhood initiatives, and the worst one stands a good chance of passing,  poorly defined Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision creates confusion for HHS, and George Will makes things worse for his rape problem.

View From the Booth

Jeff reports on their Halloween sex party last weekend.

Sex Crazy

The wins of gay rights advocates have driven anti-gay forces into a frothy state of insanity. They have ramped up the crazy, with even governors and presidential wannabes climbing on board the fictitious arrest of ministers in Idaho.  Pundit Eugene Delgaudio claims that gays will make it legal to rape and murder young boys. Rick Wiles claims that Obama will establish a sodomite dictatorship.  Linda Wall of Mass Resistance Virginia misses point of why she enjoyed gay sex so much. A Kansas couple go to court to sue because they believe that gays are trying to literally steal their marriage. And that is just a small fraction of the crazy this past week.

Politics on Parade

24/7 Wall Street uses census data to list top ten worst states for women- we have a good reason why Louisiana should make the list.  The astonishing lack of concern for women’s lives from Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst. South Carolina makes horrible exception to Stand Your Ground- it seems it does not apply to women defending themselves. Okalhoma court okays abortion drug ban just because. A second Federal judge rejects same sex marriage- and his opinion is a doozy.

View From the Booth – Sex and Halloween

Jeff describes the layout for their upcoming erotic Halloween sex party.

Sex Crazy


Anthony Culler and his gay gremlin problem, anti-gay groups go insane over Idaho threats against small marriage chapel- whether they know or not that the story is entirely made up,  anti-gay groups go insane over Houston story about subpoenaing  pastors that they claim will lead to arrest and jail, whether they know or not that no one is being threatened with jail, with Tony Perkins, Brian Brown and Pat Robertson all joining in.

Entertainment Spotlight

The losing war against pornography,  is Carrie Bradshaw a whore?, and doing the unthinkable – defending Jenny McCarthy.

Politics on Parade

Alaska can now offer the coldest gay weddings, Texas court preserves shutdown of abortion clinics, Governor wannabe Greg Abbot says that’s no big deal,  Reince Priebus won’t talk about Texas clinics, New Jersey’s Jeff Bell blames young single women for voting Democratic,  backing the wrong way away from the Federal fetal personhood amendment, another Republican goes after women politicians based on appearance, and gets schooled by a Republican woman candidate.