Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Big Picture – Winning the War on Women

Jeff talks about the assault on women’s reproductive rights, especially on the issue of abortion, which is just one illegitimate Supreme Court decision away from going from Constitutional right to serious crime. Even when the woman’s life is  in danger, the doctor who does the abortion may find his life in jeopardy as well. Republicans are winning the war on women, and they will not be humble or generous in victory.

Sex Science Sunday

A new brain study of transgendered youth, the staggering cost of Crises Pregnancy Centers,  and the complicated tangle of biphobia.

Faith Friday- The Problem with the Pope and Sexual Rights

Pope Francis can be maddening on these issues, as he provides so many contradictory messages. Jeff explains where things currently stand.

The Big Picture: Collusion

Jeff looks not at the collusion between Trump and the Russians, but at the problem of collusion between child rapists and serial sexual assaulters and the institutions that protect them.

Sex Science Sunday

President Trump confuses HIV with HPV, and Jeff looks at the most promising new ideas for male birth control.

Faith Friday: The Problem with Church and State

The Trump administration is using the power of the State to force the religious views of evangelicals onto everyone else. Jeff talks about how this mixing of Church and State diminishes our Democracy, and how it is being used for an all out assault against gay and women’s rights.

The Big Picture- Bill Cosby and the #MeToo Movement

Jeff talks about Bill Cosby and how the #MeToo movement may have impacted his successful prosecution.  He also talks about art and the problem when that art is created by very bad people.

Jeff Booth Will be Back!

Jeff is taking two weeks off. He will return on May 16th.