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The Big Picture – Discrimination

Why people discriminate and the effort to turn back the clock on gay rights.

The Big Picture: Who Are We?

Jeff muses on the type of political system that best describes the current U.S., and the powerful force of a crazy sexually based conspiracy theory now at the center of a lot of Republican politics.

Big Picture

A truly awful week at the Supreme Court for women, with legal analysts predicting that abortion will soon be illegal across almost half of the United States.

The Big Picture- Reaching the Tipping Point

The United States as a democracy is in serious jeopardy.  Immigrants are being caged, and put in facilities notorious for rape and abuse. All of this is in violation of International law, which our current government treats with disdain. President Trump is tearing our country apart, but his latest actions with immigrants take us into Nazi territory.

The Big Picture: Samantha and Roseanne

Jeff looks at the controversies surrounding Roseanne and Samantha Bee and their use of language- and why the two controversies are not the same.

The Big Picture – Winning the War on Women

Jeff talks about the assault on women’s reproductive rights, especially on the issue of abortion, which is just one illegitimate Supreme Court decision away from going from Constitutional right to serious crime. Even when the woman’s life is  in danger, the doctor who does the abortion may find his life in jeopardy as well. Republicans are winning the war on women, and they will not be humble or generous in victory.

The Big Picture: Collusion

Jeff looks not at the collusion between Trump and the Russians, but at the problem of collusion between child rapists and serial sexual assaulters and the institutions that protect them.

The Big Picture- Bill Cosby and the #MeToo Movement

Jeff talks about Bill Cosby and how the #MeToo movement may have impacted his successful prosecution.  He also talks about art and the problem when that art is created by very bad people.

The Big Picture: Trump and Women

Trump does not like women very much, as Jeff points out, and reminds men who have women they care about just how toxic this President is to women.

The Big Picture – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is being retried over the allegations that he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand. The first trial resulted in a hung jury, and Jeff explains why things will be quite different this time, and makes a rather radical proposal about how sex trafficking laws could be used against serial sex assaulters.