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The Big Picture: Trump and Women

Trump does not like women very much, as Jeff points out, and reminds men who have women they care about just how toxic this President is to women.

The Big Picture – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is being retried over the allegations that he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand. The first trial resulted in a hung jury, and Jeff explains why things will be quite different this time, and makes a rather radical proposal about how sex trafficking laws could be used against serial sex assaulters.

The Big Picture – Confidentiality Agreements

How the ability of  powerful serial sexual assaulters like Trump, O’Reilly, and Weinstein to use confidentiality agreements to silence their victims needs to be reevaluated. We include the latest revelations about Jessica Denson, a Los Angeles-based actress who became the third woman to sue Trump over forced NDAs blocking her sexual harassment claims (not with Trump but by members of the campaign.)

The Big Picture – They just Aren’t That Into You

Conservatives don’t seem to like women very much, especially if they are sexually empowered. Jeff looks at the fraudulently named National Center on Sexual Exploitation and their just announced “victory for women” with Walmart, attacks on Emma Gonzalez,  inequality in the workplace,  hating on the Girl Scouts, insane anti-abortion laws including death for women and doctors, Senator Susan Collins betrayal of women, and playing chicken with Planned Parenthood and women’s lives.

The Big Picture – Can a Sex Worker Bring Down the President?

Jeff Booth looks into the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal issues, and he thinks they are troubling, but he thinks a mysterious Belarusian prostitute may represent an even greater threat to the Trump presidency.

The crowdfunding site for Stormy Daniels:

Crowd Justice

The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 3

Since Jeff Booth has a background in mainstream show business, he has talked about the subject in The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business and The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 2. In this next discussion, he looks at who the worst offenders in entertainment are, and what we need to do.

The Big Picture- Adult Entertainment More Dangerous than Assault Rifles

In another sign of just how far our country has devolved under Republican rule, legislatures across the country have declared that the real menace is adult entertainment, not the ability of a random 18 year old to easily buy a weapon of mass slaughter. There was a major and shocking vote on this that took place just yesterday.

The Big Picture – Love, Sex and Misogyny in the White House

The latest scandals in the White House revolving around paid hush money to porn stars and the condoning of spousal abuse.

The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 2

Jeff goes through the list of actors accused recently of sexual harassment and tries to put it all in perspective.

Big Picture: Sexual Harassment in Show Business

Jeff spent the first 15 years of his working life in show business, and he brings that perspective to a look at the problem of sexual harassment in the industry.