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The Big Picture – War on Women Part 2

Some victories for women in Federal Court and North Carolina, and something amazing could come out of the win by Democrats in Virginia that could change the course of our nation. And there is more good news as the defamation suits against Trump by women he assaulted are going forward.

The Big Picture- War on Women

More on the primarily Republican War on Women, with a third sexual accusation against a female Representative. Jeff also talks about the media and their coverup of sexual assault, and the New York Times blows it again with false reporting about Hillary Clinton.

The Big Picture

Karen Pence tells women to get down on their knees for Trump. The sexual allegations against Kamala Harris revealed and are not what you think. Women’s reproductive health care finally makes it into the debate, but do you know where former front runner Joe Biden actually stands on these issues? You won’t like it.

The Big Picture

Jeff looks at what he believes will be a major issue in 2020- Misogyny and the election, and answers the question, “What type of dominatrix is Elizabeth Warren?”

The Big Picture

Jeff talks about abortion and the latest Republican attacks.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 4

Jeff finishes his month-long look at rape in America, with more horror stories focused on the Trump administration and Republican representatives.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 3

Jeff looks at ever more rape related developments with new revelations about Bret Kavanaugh and the Republican cover-up of his crimes, slut shaming by Republicans and the media, and how downloading an App can cost you your rights as a rape victim.

Big Picture – Rape Part 2

Jeff looks at the problems with Rape Kits, lenient judges, and politicians who do not take rape seriously. He also talks about the new book on Harvey Weinstein, She Said, and the new Netflix series Unbelievable.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 1

There is rape culture in America, and we are surprisingly easy on rapists. This week Jeff looks at the rape culture at the top of our government, and talks about the problems in our Universities, specifically the unbelievable rape culture at Michigan State.

The Big Picture

The news just keeps breaking on the Jeffrey Epstein case, which keeps getting stranger and more disturbing, and his lawyer Alan Dershowitz is starting to look really really bad and really really guilty.