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The Big Picture- Adult Entertainment More Dangerous than Assault Rifles

In another sign of just how far our country has devolved under Republican rule, legislatures across the country have declared that the real menace is adult entertainment, not the ability of a random 18 year old to easily buy a weapon of mass slaughter. There was a major and shocking vote on this that took place just yesterday.

The Big Picture – Love, Sex and Misogyny in the White House

The latest scandals in the White House revolving around paid hush money to porn stars and the condoning of spousal abuse.

The Big Picture – Sexual Harassment in Show Business 2

Jeff goes through the list of actors accused recently of sexual harassment and tries to put it all in perspective.

Big Picture: Sexual Harassment in Show Business

Jeff spent the first 15 years of his working life in show business, and he brings that perspective to a look at the problem of sexual harassment in the industry.

The Big Picture: The Very Anti-Gay Trump Administration

The level of anti-gay extremism throughout the Trump administration is staggering. Jeff looks at just how many administration officials have been anti-gay activists, and spoiler alert, it is probably more than you think even if you think it is a lot.

The Big Picture

Jeff Booth explains the difference in coverage this year, why the show is becoming more political, and the very serious dangers we face.

Jeff Booth’s Big Picture – We Are Back!

After a year’s long hiatus, the Jeff Booth Show is back with new segments and a new focus. Jeff gives you the big picture of all of the changes.