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On Pause

During the insane period of time while the election is being contested, we choose not to have to deal with it here. We will return on January 20th.

The Big Picture

We just can’t.

The big picture looks pretty dark right now. We won’t be posting again for the rest of the week.

Jeff Booth Sick and Tired

Jeff caught a cold over the exhausting holidays and is taking off Friday and Sunday to recover. He will be back for next Wednesday’s Big Picture, hopefully along with a functioning voice.

Halloween Special 2019

Jeff has his annual talk with some monsters and gets helpful dating advice.

Jeff will spend the week getting ready for the fabulous annual CenterSEE Halloween party. Read all about it at this month’s Sex in Review. He will return in one week with more anti-sex, anti-gay, anti-women political insanity more horrifying than anything you’ll see on Halloween

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff will take a little while off to continue finishing up his new book, Passion! Artists and Their Nudes and the accompanying collection of over 30,000 images. Everything is in final production. He will be back on July 17th. In an additional program note, the show will go on hiatus in August as we do in months beginning with an A. Why? Because those are Jeff and Kris’ birthday months.

Jeff Booth Show on Hiatus

Our new policy is to take off the months with an A, so we will be on hiatus in April and next August (the months Jeff and Kris have birthdays). will also be on hiatus. See you in one month on May 8th!

On a Break

The holidays gifted Jeff with a severe cold. He will be back when he is no longer coughing up a lung.

Jeff Continues to be a No Show

Well, a turn for the worse. Fever, no voice, and a bit cranky, Jeff will not do the show until he has fully recovered.

No Shows for Awhile

Jeff has gotten quite sick. Doctors say two to three weeks or more to recover.

Jeff is off to Vegas

Jeff Booth will be off to Las Vegas until the show returns on August 29th. He and his wife are checking out the topless pools f0r a future article in Sex in Review (