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Jeff Continues to be a No Show

Well, a turn for the worse. Fever, no voice, and a bit cranky, Jeff will not do the show until he has fully recovered.

No Shows for Awhile

Jeff has gotten quite sick. Doctors say two to three weeks or more to recover.

Jeff is off to Vegas

Jeff Booth will be off to Las Vegas until the show returns on August 29th. He and his wife are checking out the topless pools f0r a future article in Sex in Review (

Jeff Get’s Off For July

Yes, Jeff gets a whole month off for his summer vacation. He will be back in August!

Away for the Week

Jeff Booth is in San Diego doing research for his latest novel.  The show will return in one week on June 20th.

Jeff Booth Will be Back!

Jeff is taking two weeks off. He will return on May 16th.

Jeff Booth Show on Hiatus

The shock and horror of the election was so great that Jeff has decided to take a little time off from it all. The show will return in January 2018.

Jeff Booth is on a Horror Holiday

Jeff is taking a few days off to focus on the EU massive Halloween party and on recovering from the massive Halloween party. The show will return right after the election.

Happy Thanksgiving

The show returns on Monday.

Jeff Booth Show Hiatus

The show goes on hiatus for about a month while Jeff Booth works on finishing his latest big project- one that he has been working on for 10 years.  It includes a 190,000 word book titled Artists and their Nudes, which features biographies on 500 artists who painted nudes covering 500 years. It also includes a lot of information on the models who posed nude for them. This is a companion product to the Sex and Censorship online class, which provides access to 13,000 high definition works of art created by the artists in the book. These images have been digitally enhanced, with color and contrast correction, image brightening, crack, line, dust and stain removal,  sharpening, and more. The release of this project will be announced some time in September. Go to the site for more information.