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Sex expert Jeff Booth talks about sex and politics, sex and entertainment, sex and religion, and almost anything to do with sex. Each week there are several segments on different topics, including “Sex Science Saturday”, and “Politics on Parade” on Thursday.

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The show premiered on May 27th, 2007. The complete archives of past shows can be found here.

The show is presented by the Center for Sexual Expression and Education.


Sex Science Sunday

The links to the studies we discuss can be found at our CenterSEE Sex Science Center.

This week:

A controversial and pseudo-scientific abortion reversal class has again been approved for California nurses.

Faith Friday – The Problem with Morality

Jeff Booth discusses what he calls “conscience morality” and why morality is such a complicated issue, especially when it deals with issues of sexuality.

The Big Picture

Jeff Booth explains the difference in coverage this year, why the show is becoming more political, and the very serious dangers we face.

Sex Science Sunday

The links to the studies we discuss can be found at our CenterSEE Sex Science Center.

This week:

The death of Dr. Mathilde Krim, whose work saved thousands of lives, and the strange link between sexuality and birth order.


Faith Friday

This is our first Faith Friday segment, which explores issues of religious faith and sexuality.

Jeff Booth’s Big Picture – We Are Back!

After a year’s long hiatus, the Jeff Booth Show is back with new segments and a new focus. Jeff gives you the big picture of all of the changes.


An Interview with Santa Claus

While the show is on hiatus, here is our annual visit with Santa to discuss Christmas traditions.

Jeff Booth Show on Hiatus

The shock and horror of the election was so great that Jeff has decided to take a little time off from it all. The show will return in January 2018.

Jeff Booth is on a Horror Holiday

Jeff is taking a few days off to focus on the EU massive Halloween party and on recovering from the massive Halloween party. The show will return right after the election.

Entertainment Spotlight

While Jeff focuses on getting ready for the EU Halloween event (our biggest of the year), we bring you a special entertainment segment from 2014 where Jeff gets dating advice from monsters.