Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Frantic Pace Continues

We have been in the process of rebuilding everything. The goal is to have everything all shiny and new across all the CSEE domains in time for a full relaunch in April. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve updated over a dozen domains, many of them seriously neglected.

So, we have not had time to schedule as many interviews or attend as many events. Those are, of course, the most fun. Plus, there has been so much political to cover that really needs to be covered. Talking politics may not be as much fun, but it is important.

The plan for this year is to gradually lighten up, and do more entertainment themed segments on the show. The funny stuff just takes more time to create, and with everything else going on that time has been hard to spare. We won’t, of course, neglect the important political and censorship issues.

We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for this year, both to make for an even better show, and to vastly expand CSEE.