Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The show returns on January 4th, 2016.

Christmas Eve

An interview with Santa Claus.

Sex Crazy

Linda Harvey lectures on how compassion is actually immoral and how anti-gay Christians are currently in concentration camps, and the latest crazy anti-gay pledge signed by Republican candidates for President.

What in the Name of God

A shocking story out of New York involving drug-fueled sex romps between a priest and a male dom paid for by church funds, and a cover-up involving child sexual abuse by known child abusing priest protector Cardinal Timothy Dolan- it is an emerging story that is hard to believe, but it is believed by the church that was stolen from and are now suing the priest, Dolan, and the archdiocese.

Sex Science Saturday

Jeff Booth takes the test to see if he is a sex addict.

Entertainment Spotlight

The changing depictions of abortion on television. Accused serial rapist Bill Cosby back in the news. The continuing fanaticism of the head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation who wants to be California’s porn czar.

Politics on Parade

Jeff Booth provides evidence that the Republicans will never give up on their war against Plammed Parenthood. Lindsey Graham is wrong again about abortion. The most hated drug dealer in America faces likelihood of prison.

Sex Crazy

Radio host Alex Jones brings on the crazy with baby flavored soft drinks. A Breitbart columnist tops that, and we introduce you to the term homocon.  Republican anti-gay front man Ryan Anderson makes some puzzling anti-gay comments.

What in the Name of God

He almost slipped by- posing as a moderate, but Ohio Governor John Kasich is number five in our series on Anti-Sex Theocrats Who Want to be President.

Sex Science Saturday

Science and the penis- a new program to transplant penises at John Hopkins, a new penis exercise, and a potentially important new condom and the rather silly way they are testing it. Google is taking a close look at STDS.