Monthly Archives: September 2019

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff provides several examples of religious based science, and a new study on sexting.

Faith Friday

Jeff looks at sexual accusations against the Catholic Church over the summer, but he only gets through about half of them.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 4

Jeff finishes his month-long look at rape in America, with more horror stories focused on the Trump administration and Republican representatives.

Sex Science Sunday

Another MIT scientist is out for his defense of child rape and support for Epstein, whom he clearly admires. Even more shocking info is revealed about scientists in the MIT lab and their support (and perhaps mutual appreciation) of Jeffrey Epstein and his love of sex with underage girls. The meaning of Sapiosexual. The Vagina Museum set to open.

Faith Friday

Arizona narrowly validates Christian bigotry. Evangelical leaders meet with murderer and despot to discuss human rights- and they are all anti-gay extremists. Jerry Falwell Jr. becomes increasingly unhinged.

The Big Picture – Rape Part 3

Jeff looks at ever more rape related developments with new revelations about Bret Kavanaugh and the Republican cover-up of his crimes, slut shaming by Republicans and the media, and how downloading an App can cost you your rights as a rape victim.

Sex Science Sunday

More fallout in the sciences due to Jeffrey Epstein, looking at brains watching porn, sex and sleep, Republican senators practice Russian approach to science when it comes to abortion and anything else they don’t like.

Faith Friday – Jerry Falwell Jr.

Jeff talks about the explosive sexual revelations revolving around Jerry Falwell Jr.

Big Picture – Rape Part 2

Jeff looks at the problems with Rape Kits, lenient judges, and politicians who do not take rape seriously. He also talks about the new book on Harvey Weinstein, She Said, and the new Netflix series Unbelievable.

Sex Science Sunday

Jeff looks at the impact of Jeffrey Epstein on science and the damage he has done to major scientist’s reputations.